Multimedia Localization

Multimedia Loalization

Locstars provides a complete range of multimedia localization services in Arabic.

Multimedia Loalization


Locstars provides a comprehensive range of voice over and dubbing services. With Arabic studios located in Egypt, we provide voice-over for all types of applications.
Experienced voice acting for game dialogues
Voice-over with Time Constraint (TC) / No Time Constraint
Lip-sync dubbing
Talent management focusing on target voices that match the character (source)
Our goal is to provide Arabic game localization quality that rivals professionally dubbed major motion pictures.


Locstars offers creation of subtitles for games and broadcasts Arabic language.
Multilingual Subtitling
Same Language Subtitling
Closed Captioning and SDH

Our subtitling services include QA to ensure to high standard of quality across every project.
Locstars offers supplementary services to support all types of rich media localization needs.
Voice effects processing and modulation
Audio editing & post production
Audio processing (recording, mixing, editing)
Subtitle insertion
Flash Integration
Cultural Review & Adaptation