Marketing Localization

Marketing Translation

Marketing Localization

LocStars offers a complete translation and localization solution to Arabic marketing needs. LocStars can help you share your brand and messaging to clients around the Middle East. We realize how much time, money and effort you spend on your marketing and branding so we adhere to strict quality assurance processes. We work closely with you to adapt your marketing materials to local markets, maintaining consistency as much as possible, while at the same time, honoring local norms, cultural preferences and regional trends.

Marketing Translation
LocStars offers the following marketing translation and localization services:
  • Website translation
  • Brand advertising translation
  • Collateral and brochures translation
  • Email marketing translation
  • Multilingual desktop publishing
  • Multilingual SEO

Additional Marketing Translation Services

We also offer the following services that go beyond translation, localization, and “Transcreation”. We can provide your business with custom marketing materials and the highest quality assurance for your global brand:
  • Creation of global templates & style guides
  • Copywriting in native languages for individual markets
  • Business reviewers to assure linguistic and brand accuracy