Localisation of industries simply means the concentration or centralisation of industrial units in a particular area or at a place due to the availability of certain facilities. Localization provides myriad advantages in the market. Businesses whose competitors are already localizing their websites and products simply can’t afford not to localize. Yet if competitors are not localizing yet, being the first gains a tangible competitive advantage.

Technology Translation


Adapting high-tech products and software to local markets is no mean feat, and requires a great deal of skill. Software translation ensures that both the language and functionality of your product is adapted to...

Game Localization


With the advancement of technology and the internet, your game is now just a few clicks away from becoming part of the global marketplace. If you really want to explore international markets you can’t just stay in...

Legal Translation


egal matters are critical to the well-being of any organisation. In a multilingual scenario, that criticality is even more pronounced because of the risks involved. There is no room for error when it comes to translating...

Patent Translation


Locstars providing patent translation services for clients worldwide. This includes patent law firms, corporations in the tech sector and clients in the life sciences (biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies, medical device...

Marketing Translation


LocStars offers a complete translation and localization solution to Arabic marketing needs. LocStars can help you share your brand and messaging to clients around the Middle East. We realize how much time, money and effort...

eLearning Localization


We specialize in helping companies train their global workforce through the localization of eLearning courses. Our process incorporates your input during each step, providing you with the visibility you need to...

Healthcare Localization


In order to be able to provide healthcare translation services, an agency or independent translator must necessarily have specialist knowledge in addition to language proficiency. ocstars expert team of medical translators...

Finance Translation


Banking and financial translation services form an essential part of international commerce. Although Generally Accepted Accounting Practices – or GAAP – is a global standard in the financial world, the subject of finance...


Localization represents a visible commitment to your worldwide customers, too. There’s no better way to prove your commitment to international prospects than localizing your website to cater to their needs. Visitors logging in to your site who find it’s offered in their native language change their impression of your firm instantly — not only do they understand your services clearly, they also feel comfortable and secure dealing with your web page.

Website Localization

he website of a company is one of the main ways of communicating with the target audience and it may be a key element when entering a new international market. The International Data Corporation...

Software Localization

hrough a full range of software localization services, Locstars helps clients succeed in the global market by localizing their products and software applications into any language. Our process...

Multimedia Localization

Locstars provides a complete range of multimedia localization services in Arabic. ocstars provides a comprehensive range of voice over and dubbing services. With Arabic studios located in Egypt...

Desktop Publishing

If you need to translate a PDF, a booklet, a manual or any other type of document with images or a set layout, then you will need to use our DTP Services. Locstars’ professional desktop...

Arabic language

Arabic language is one of the mostly common spoken languages. In fact Arabic is the 5th common language in the world. Around 300 million people speak Arabic around the globe.

Locstars helps you to translate and localize your products from English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean to standard Arabic or to any Arabic delicate.


Locstars Co.® is a full-service corporate Arabic language services provider. We translate and localize from over 11 languages to Arabic and vice versa, including all the major European, Asian and American languages.

Our expert team of translators and editors includes professionally qualified native speakers of both source and target languages. We guarantee that your translation not only accurately conveys the meaning and nuance of your original text, but does so in a manner that fits with the cultural sensibilities and expectations of your target audience.

If, however, you have very specific language requirements, please contact us and we will work with our Vendor Management to add it.

Locstars uses industry best practices and the latest technology to facilitate, and whenever possible, automate, each step of the localization process. From the initial identification and extraction of localizable elements, to the re-engineering and final testing of multiple language versions, quality is built into every stage of the localization process.




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